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Our Mission


Challenge School is committed to educating the whole person. We strive to unite the best elements of Eastern and Western traditions and practices, the growth of the individual’s inquiring mind as well as cultivate a sense of personal responsibility and social welfare for all.

Our curriculum is designed to be developmentally appropriate for each age level, rooted in bilingual education in multicultural environments. We utilize instructional and information technology, fusing both Western and Chinese philosophies for character formation. Our holistic approach to education involves cooperation with parents, family, community and the world around us.

​结合中西文化的优势,去其糟泊,取其精华,语言和文化起头并进, 让学生能通晓中文这个21世纪极为重要的语言和文化。

小班教学和个别辅导结合,关注学生的学习和成长,发挥每一个学生的独特才能对学生提供全人的教育,培养友爱,包容和互助精神. 让我们的学生在中西文化和人生的坐标上找到最佳点。

our preschool curriculum

Dedicated Educators

We know that learning, especially learning Chinese, is easier when you have an excellent teacher. That's why our teachers are accredited. Our faculty are passionate about Chinese culture and bring this enthusiasm into their lessons.

我们知道学习,特别是学习中文会更容易, ,当你有一位优秀的老师时。 这就是我们大多数老师获得认证的原因。 我们的教师对中国文化充满热情,并将这种热情带入他们的课程中。

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