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Able2Shine's public speaking program is tailored towards kids 7-15 with 5 level courses in 3 age ranges. In order to build a solid foundation, we recommend consistent practice through completion of all levels of the course.Fundamentals valued by our core curriculum are techniques such as tone, stage presence, volume, gestures, posture, eye contact etc. Our curriculum contains fun and fresh activities to help students with diverse backgrounds and different learning styles understand the concepts behind these fundamentals.

We will show how to apply these essential skills in real life situations. In addition to public speaking skills, we will also delve into the realm of soft skills, as we weave the various topics into our curriculum, such as how to make self-introduction and leave great first impression, etc. Topics broached include first impression, communication, empathy, and anti-bullying, etc. We aim to boost the students’ self-confidence and leadership to help them become more adaptable in the ever-changing w


2020 Summer Camp

Why taking our soft skills camp and performance camp this summer?

1. We will have 4 themes for the soft skills camps for you to choose from (the themes vary among sites): 

Little entrepreneur (小小企业家): Kids will learn about developing a business plan, advertising a product, designing and acting out a commercial, and pitching their business idea, while practicing and improving their public speaking skills!

Little host (小主持): Students will get hosting training while improving their public speaking skills at the same time. There will be big chance for the students to become a real MC in future Able2Shine events! 

Little reporter (小记者)Students will design an interview, conduct an interview, take pictures/videos, write a draft, and report a news/event.

Famous leaders/Kid president (小领袖/小总统). Students will pick a famous leader (e.g. Martin Luther King, president, etc.), do research, give speeches, and at the final lesson dress up to be like them and give a final speech.2. Our performance summer camp will offer kids a taste test of stellar stage performance:

2. Our summer camp will help kids develop social skills, such as strengthening self-confidence, and improving speaking skills such as eye contact, poise, articulation, and audience engagement.

3. Our summer camp will help students develop vocabulary, rhetoric, research, writing and organization skills, which are crucial for academic and future success.

4.  Our summer camp will help students grow as our experienced teachers who provide valuable feedback through students’ ongoing practice

5. Besides public speaking skills, our fun-filled summer camp will also help students improve the essential life skills: 

leadership skills ; Conflict resolution ; Teamwork and collaboration ; Problem solving skills; Mindfulness and stress management

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